At VicThorious we let you shine. Giving you the supra capabilities to perform beyond limits.

We are a team of professionals offering an innovative cloud platform for hosting, development and business intelligence, connecting your business with smart IT.

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Explore the enormous possibilities of a global connected platform able to run all your favorite technologies.

Mix and match everything together in one badass platform!

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Customer focus

Customer focus is a critical part of any successful enterprise.
That is why we, at VicThorious, have developed a platform that helps you understand your users.

While VicThorious takes care of the technical challenges, you can focus on what really matters, your customer!

run everywhere


Continuously develop, run, measure and improve; no matter where your project takes you.

Choose performance over capacity. We offer intelligent insights that will boost your business or product.

No longer are you bound to one supplier or cloud provider. Cross the virtual boundaries and go worldwide!

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Grasp the full potential of VicThorious at your fingertips and let your imagination go wild!
Enjoy the most powerful & intelligent development platform known to men and women TODAY.

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Get unique technical and business insights in your application with VicThorious unified analytics.

Do the switch to NoOps and invest in your apps instead of operations by using cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service to get the resources you need when you need it.

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